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Papyrus by AbbTheGamer Papyrus :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 3 0 Separation by AbbTheGamer Separation :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 3 0 Daniel 2 by AbbTheGamer Daniel 2 :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 3 2 Princess Remedy by AbbTheGamer Princess Remedy :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 0 2 Judgement 2 by AbbTheGamer Judgement 2 :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 1 0 Judgement 1 by AbbTheGamer Judgement 1 :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 1 0 Girl by AbbTheGamer Girl :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 3 4
Closure (Rewritten)
    Daniel scrambled down the dimly lit stairs. The groans and shouts from the Shadow were unspeakable. Sprinting ahead was all he could do. Daniel sealed his fate the moment he touched the orb in Algeria. Nearly flinging himself through the doorway, he reached the bottom of the stairs and clambered for the lever immediately in front of him. As the lever was pulled, the large door behind dropped loudly. Daniel peeked behind himself. The door seemed to be, thankfully, preventing the Shadow from further progression. Once he calmed down, he was able to get his bearings.
    Philip gradually opened the door. As far as he knew, there were no monsters anywhere in this place, but you never know. He clicked his flashlight on and crept inside. Déjà vu? The room felt familiar. There were books scattered and words written onto the walls. One word suddenly stuck out to him. I know this...Red... As Philip searched through the room, he noticed a faint
:iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 3 0
When I grow up... by AbbTheGamer When I grow up... :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 4 2 Daniel by AbbTheGamer Daniel :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 5 2 Papyrus blocks the way! by AbbTheGamer Papyrus blocks the way! :iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 3 3
Our Dents
    “It won’t break anything. It'll be fine,” she whispered as her grip tightened on her flute. Before she knew it, it was on the floor in pieces. The force of it hitting the ground must’ve caused the head joint to fall out along with the foot joint. A wave of calm feelings went through her. She bent down and sighed as she began piecing it back together. The calm feelings suddenly vanished. “No. What have I done?”
    Elsie walked into the place where all her rowdy band friends congregated—the band room. She made her way to the front row of chairs and found her seat. It’s no wonder why I got fifth chair. She took out her instrument and started piecing it together. Her friend Amy, with delight, sat down next to her on the fourth chair.
    “Elsie, I have the funniest story to tell you!” exclaimed Amy. Elsie liked listening to her stories and rants. “What
:iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 0 0
Daniel rushed down the poorly lit stairs with torches flickering in the darkness.  The moans and shouts of the presence echoing behind him were unspeakable.  There was no turning back.  He lost that privilege when he first laid his hands on the stone orb back in Algeria.  All he could do was run.  Run from the ancient force that cursed his mind right into insanity.  This was the second time.  The second time running away from his deepest fear.  When Daniel got to the end of the stairs he found a lever and pulled.  The heavy door dropped down with a loud crash.
"That should hold it off...for now..." he said after releasing the lever.  He was able to get a good look at the room he was in now.  There were three rooms.  The two on the right and left were open, but the one in the middle was firmly shut.
Philip slowly opened the door.  As far as he knew the
:iconabbthegamer:AbbTheGamer 6 18


What Have You Done?! by ZerachielAmora
Mature content
What Have You Done?! :iconzerachielamora:ZerachielAmora 10 10
don't forget by SankaJones don't forget :iconsankajones:SankaJones 7 4 Glow Stick (Remastered) by lightningbabe Glow Stick (Remastered) :iconlightningbabe:lightningbabe 9 0 [OC] April by Citri-ne [OC] April :iconcitri-ne:Citri-ne 54 10 Asriel Dreemurr (Sanka'd) by SankaJones Asriel Dreemurr (Sanka'd) :iconsankajones:SankaJones 3 10 not sure what to call this by DilEmmaArt not sure what to call this :icondilemmaart:DilEmmaArt 51 23 The Violinists by ZerachielAmora The Violinists :iconzerachielamora:ZerachielAmora 8 0 Ask TRIO516 no.4 by DilEmmaArt Ask TRIO516 no.4 :icondilemmaart:DilEmmaArt 33 11 Blade (The Girl and the Shark) by DilEmmaArt Blade (The Girl and the Shark) :icondilemmaart:DilEmmaArt 14 8 Sally Dunn Portrait by MrEnter Sally Dunn Portrait :iconmrenter:MrEnter 94 32 Super Frog by SankaJones Super Frog :iconsankajones:SankaJones 1 0 Photoshop Flowey by SankaJones Photoshop Flowey :iconsankajones:SankaJones 5 6 Ember Baine (The Girl and the Shark) by DilEmmaArt Ember Baine (The Girl and the Shark) :icondilemmaart:DilEmmaArt 31 4 Mist Portrait by ZerachielAmora Mist Portrait :iconzerachielamora:ZerachielAmora 7 1 why not by MZ-016AKN why not :iconmz-016akn:MZ-016AKN 15 0 History Repeats {Remake} by lightningbabe History Repeats {Remake} :iconlightningbabe:lightningbabe 6 2



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My icon that I typically use belongs to gabrielcic

I do have tumblr blogs that I post on if you're interested. You don't have to follow both. One is just a blog where I reblog my art.


Twitter even though I don't do stuff on it:


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1. What do you think of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared? Don't worry, you don't have to like it.
This gave me an excuse to watch it! I find it very interesting.
2. Hunting or fishing?
I've royally screwed up my fishing rod every time I've gone fishing so I'll go with hunting. I haven't done it yet but I think I'd enjoy it.
3. What do YOU think of 2016?
In general it was bumpy year. For me personally, it was a pretty good year.
4. Temperature, speed of water, depth, and flora/fauna aside, if there was no bridge of any kind, would you rather swim across a river or try to take a boat?
I'd rather take a boat. Despite taking swimming lessons multiple times in my life, I'm not a good swimmer.Sweating a little... 
5. Would you believe me if I told you I was being followed by a Yellow Submarine?
I probably wouldn't...but I get the reference. ;) (Wink) 
6. What's your favorite breed of dog, or if you're not a dog person, your favorite breed of cat?
Golden retrievers! I've lived with 'em all my life.
7. Anything you'd like to see from me? Not asking for requests, but general idea of what you guys like from me and what you'd want to see.
I always like your animal and nature stuff! (I like your other stuff too of course.)
8. Anybody here driving?
Technically yes, but I'm getting my license this year.
9. Favorite book?
hhhhhhhhh it's probably Night by Elie Wiesel but I have a long waiting list of books I want to read. 
10. Are you allergic to--(SHUT UP!)
heheh I get the reference ;) (Wink) 

I tag whoever wants to do this!

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1. How's your day been?
2. Do you live in the north or the south?
3. What's your favorite video game?
4. Does "OBJECTION!" mean anything to you?
5. If you're artistic, what's your preferred method of art?
6. If you like Undertale, who'd your favorite character?
7. What's your favorite emoticon?
8. What time it for you right now?
9. What's your favorite TV show?
10. How many social media platforms do you use on a regular basis?
I did this little Papyrus drawing. It was suppose to be a quick sketch, but I colored it and made a background. 
It’s finally done. This is the last day of my free trial with Photoshop too. This is the painter and his wife from Layers of Fear. Enjoy.
Daniel 2
Guess who got a tablet!

I felt like drawing Daniel so that's what I drew. It was a quick sketch that I colored in. I figured I'd post it because I haven't posted here in awhile. Until I completely get the hang of digital drawing, they're probably going to look pretty beginner-like for awhile. So here's a gray scale Daniel for all you gray scale Daniel needs.
I got tagged by :iconsankajones:

You just have to comment whatever numbers you want me to answer 
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2. Tell you a color you remind me of.
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4. Tell you what animal you remind me of. 
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10. Tell you to do this in your journal too, if you haven't already


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